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We are concerned in manufacturing and supplying of Mass Mixers. This machine is particularly considered and used to unite both wet as well as dry substance. The mixer consists of a unbending fictitious organization motor, gear box, mixing drum, stirrer and tilting device. In this machine there are row type blades that are fuse to the main ray that are used for mixing of heavy materials. It is prepared with security translucent dust cover & has specially considered self-adjusting fastened bargain, which make sure that no black particles enter the mixing drum.



RIDDHI Mixer has been well-designed to facilitate thorough mixing of dry or damp materials and is especially suitable for tablet granulation. The powerful geared drive and sturdy mixing paddle make RIDDHI Mixer ideal for dealing with difficult or sticky ingredients. This is one speed Mixer but two speed machine available on demand.

The Mixer consists of Mixing drum complete in itself. It contains mixing drum body. Mixing paddle and sealing arrangement. The drum rests on rigid M.S. fabricated body carrying Motor, Gear box, Starter and tilting arrangement. The drive of mixing paddle is through suitable oil filled worm gear unit which in turn get drive through V belts from a suitable T.E.F.C. motor. The blades of the paddle are so arranged that thorough mixing is obtained. All parts which are in direct contact with the material to be mixed are of S.S. or neutral material. The main paddle runs in journals and supported by thrust bearings of ample size to carry rigid and thrust load. The whole drum of mixer makes ease of cleaning. The rotor is so designed  that it can be removed , by removing the main shaft without much problem.

The material under mixing process can be apparently seen from the Plastic Dust Cover of the container at all times and it, being hinged and holding allows solution to be added through without difficulty while the mixer is in motion.

The plastic dust cover is so interlocked that on opening the cover the motor automatically stops. The interlocking system is given to avoid the accident as the machine will not start unless and until container is totally closed. This is of utmost importance in a machine like this which has revolving blades.

The Tilting Device is provided to ease the unloading of the material. Tilting is affected by means of a hand wheel on the body, the powder or granules being tipped into a container which can be placed at ease.

Specially designed self-adjusting sealing arrangement of unique design is provided to ensure that no black particle enters into the Mixing drum. However, little powder from inside may come out some time after a long use which suggests cleaning and readjusting of pressure springs.

Provision is made for lubricating all moving parts and specially designed to prevent oil coming in contact with the powder.


Models RDMM-50 RDMM-100 RDMM-150 RDMM-200
Gross capacity  110 ltrs. 220 ltrs. 330 ltrs. 440 ltrs.
Working capacity  88 ltrs. 156 ltrs. 234 ltrs. 309 ltrs.
Electricals 3 HP/ 3Ph. 5 HP/3 PH. 7.5 HP/3 PH. 7.5/3HP35 
RPM 35 30 30 30

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